Record family history as it happens


ClanWiki helps you to record your family history and to share the stories with family and friends.
Our user friendly genealogical platform helps you to keep the stories in your family alive. A family tree is made up of names and dates only — bring it to life by adding the stories and anecdotes handed down from generation to generation.

Invite your nearest and dearest to participate in the creative process. Privacy is important to us — we make sure that all data is kept safe.
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Try it out

Jump right in, create your own clan and thoroughly test ClanWiki. Sign up for a free trial account so that you can subsequently continue work on your clan.
You have 30 days to extensively test ClanWiki. Create as many family groups as you like and accept invitations to existing clans.

After the trial period expires, you can sign up for a paid annual subscription (CHF65.00/year). This will allow you to continue editing and adding to your clans.

Choose ClanWiki to make sure that your family history is not forgotten!
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Browse our sample clans, check out all the features and get inspired.
Meet the Smith Clan — all the important features can be viewed in this fictional sample clan. Click through the individual features step by step to get to know the wide range of options ClanWiki has to offer.
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How it Works

Our help pages get you started.
On each page you will find context help for individual features. Or choose to browse through the help index, or to specifically search for a keyword.
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Enter our sandbox area and enjoy playing around with our sample clans.
All changes made in your private sandbox area will only be visible to you. After 24 hours the changes will automatically be deleted. Edit the fictional Smith Clan.
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User Feedback

We value your comments, suggestions and ideas for improvements.
Let us know what you like about ClanWiki and what additional new features you would find helpful. Thank you for your feedback!
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ClanWiki goes public!

28 Feb. 2014

We are proud and happy to present ClanWiki — genealogical tool, family networking site and wiki for the creation of family history.

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